Dental laboratory

The passion for our craft drives us, awakens ambition and creativity in us and new ideas are born.

Through new ideas and each new order, which is always unique in itself, new goals are born, eagerly waiting to be achieved by us.



When I was born in 1979, I knew I would become a dental technician and change the world for the best. No, of course no one can know that right after birth. 

I don't know exactly when I took my first breath, nor will I be able to remember my last. I also don't know when I took my first steps, certainly I was very small and therefore probably can't remember it. Very much happens also in the subconscious / automatically and often that is good. When we chew and have no pain, we do not think about how we do it and whether it was right.

Now that I have grown up and also experienced a lot, I try to live consciously. I can't perceive everything consciously, but at least a part of it. For example, I don't know how exactly with which foot I first hit the ground today, but I know what I heard, felt or smelled. That's also how I consciously make my decisions. I am a dental technician with heart and soul, I go to work with enthusiasm and look forward to every challenge that awaits me.

I know where I am at the moment, I know what I can do and where I would like to go, even if external circumstances have a lot of influence on it. If you believe in yourself, many things are possible, but you must also be aware that it can not always go according to a well-developed plan, because it can also go badly and you can simply run out of energy.

If we especially do not believe that we will be born again, we should not lose time and go through life as consciously as possible, perceive it in order to live it.



I began my training as a dental technician at the age of 17. Because this profession is so versatile and demanding, I have really enjoyed learning something new every time. I especially approach challenging work with a lot of passion every day.

After training as a dental technician and working for several years in various dental and practice laboratories, I set up my own laboratory in 2008, in parallel with my training at the master school in Cologne. I completed this in 2011 as the best in my year.  

2015 Development of the Dragon Shade System. After various advanced training courses with Jan-Holger Bellmann, Christian Hannker, Gerald Ubassy, Alek Aronin and Shigeo Kataoka, among others, I have been giving ceramic layering courses and photography courses myself since 2015 and am active as a speaker and author. 2017 Publication of the book "Ihr schönster Schmuck" for patient education by Quintessence Publishing. 2018/19 Relocation to Augsburg. 2021 Founding of the Dragon Academy.

I am a dental technician with heart and soul, go to work with enthusiasm and look forward to every new challenge that awaits me.

Dragon Shade

Dragon Shade

The Dragon Shade ® is a holding device for a gray chart, shade guide and gingival shield.
Color analysis photos are an essential part of a well-functioning communication between dentist and dental technician. Often, colors are analyzed incorrectly because good photos are not available or the photos do not have the correct, neutral background. Often the digital cameras are also not optimally adjusted in terms of color. The shining of the gingiva into the teeth is not shown with the standard color samples. All these errors can now be avoided with the Dragon Shade ®. The Dragon Shade ® simplifies photographing and analyzing brightness, chroma and shade.

You can also make your own color swatches with this set.